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The province of Catamarca, one of the most pro-mining ones, is located in the northwest of Argentina, an area mostly covered by mountains and high plains, known as altiplano. Condor Prospecting assets are located in the western border of Catamarca, next to the international border between Argentina and Chile. The projects’ location has been strategically selected over the Miocene metallogenic belt, which hosts renowned exploration projects and Au-Cu deposits such as the world-class productive copper-gold porphyry Bajo de La Alumbrera in Argentina, and several others in Chile.

While the metallic exploration development in the Chilean Andes has evolved in the last decades, the Argentine Andean ground remains underexplored, and it hosts most of the same geological features as the neighboring country, encouraging explorers with great opportunities for new discoveries in the region.

The potential of the assets located in Catamarca comes from precious and base metals porphyrys and epithermal deposits.

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