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Cobalt assets held by Condor Prospecting are located in La Rioja Province, western Argentina, and are represented by the only registered cobalt-gold mine in the country, which is emplaced in low-altitude ranges that are accessible by any type of vehicle through pre-existing roads.

The mineralized areas include a high grade cobalt-gold mine (37.03 g/t Au and 2.85 % Co) and intensely altered surrounding areas. These areas host minor mineral occurrences of barite, lead and copper that were operated in the past century by rudimentary methods.

The district has a large history that goes back to the 1900s, when the minerals from the mine were carried by donkeys to the processing plant, 300 kilometers away from the deposit. In the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘70s different production scales were developed in the mine site, reaching climax when four galleries and a series of shafts where built to extract mostly gold and cobalt.

The cobalt areas are entirely owned by Condor Prospecting.


Currently operating in 6 Argentina Provinces.