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Condor Prospecting has recognized different types of mineralization, including the Five Elements (5e) type mentioned in historical reports. This includes nickel, silver, lead, copper and zinc, sometimes, replaced by gold and uranium.

The company´s 5e assets in Argentina cover 102,307.00 has. (1.023 km2) of exploration ground in densely mineralized or altered regions in the provinces of La Rioja, Catamarca and Salta.

Renowned Ni-Pb-Ag-Zn-Cu mines such as San Santiago in La Rioja, or La Niquelina and Purísima-Rumicruz in Salta are close to the assets, evidencing the region’s potential for future developments and discoveries.

These areas have potential for other sorts of mineralization, including epithermal gold-copper deposits, metamorphic hosted deposits, sediment-hosted metallic deposits and even porphyry deposits, due to the variety of rocks that constitute the territory.

All assets are entirely owned by Condor Prospecting.


Currently operating in 6 Argentina Provinces.