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San Luis Province is located in central Argentina, and is considered one of the biggest producers of industrial rocks such as granites, feldspars, quartz and slates. San Luis used to be well known for being the homeland of the Argentine version of the Gold Rush. This event gave birth to villages all over the province; being La Carolina probably the most famous and iconic one.

Nowadays, the Province is an industrial model for the region, where numerous manufacturers and agricultural companies are developing their products and growing.

The geological setting of San Luis is known as Pampean Ranges─low altitude hills and plains covered in yellow grass that had been the target of explorers for decades. As a result, great discoveries such as the Virorco-Las Aguilas nickel complex, Diente Verde Cu-Au porphyry, Los Condores Tungsten mine and Las Cuevas lithium mine have been made.

The underexplored pegmatites fields are one of the most interesting features of the province as thousands of pegmatites cross the territory, and plenty of them had been mined for hard rock lithium since the ‘70s. As a result, it constitutes the only fertile and productive lithium region extracted from rocks in Argentina.

Condor Prospecting has applied for the exploration of large areas, covering most of the pegmatite bearing ground in San Luis ranges.

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